Breeding presentation

The Elevage Des Alphas is a tiny littlle breeding farm located in Calvados (Normandy).
We have a few ponies and two horse with whom we enjoy family hack out, playing or just spending time in their compagny.
They all are handled by adults but also by little children wether they are foal, stallion or brood mare, pony or horse,
so our top priority is a calm environment and cold animal who are very well in their head.
We hope you will enjoy following their adeventures as much as we love living it with them.

See you soon!

Chloé & Co

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Last updated items
Élégante De La Mare
Élégante De La Mare (7 years old)
Ponys - Filly
08/12/2015 13:44:03
Chablis Des Alphas
Chablis Des Alphas (9 years old)
Ponys - Guelding
03/11/2015 15:49:21
Glad (10 years old)
Ponys - Guelding
03/11/2015 15:47:29
Pongo (12 years old)
Horses - Guelding
02/17/2015 08:06:03
Plume (13 years old)
Horses - Mare
02/17/2015 08:03:06
Ushuaia (PLACÉE)
Ushuaia (PLACÉE) (13 years old)
Ponys - Retired mare
11/26/2014 13:36:14
Electra (12 years old)
05/27/2014 12:55:24
Chocolat (14 years old)
05/27/2014 12:54:19
Last blog
Charming Normand property for sale
Charming Normand property for sale
Charming Normand house of 100m² (120m² with the rooms with sloping ceiling) in the heart of Pays D'Auge, including:
- lounge / dining room with a huge chimney next
  27/05/2014 13:15:38 | 2357 hit(s)
The danger of ragwort
The danger of ragwort
This is an article more specifically written for french people, as over here, hardly anybody knows about the danger of this plant.
But since it's well known overseas, I suppose I don't need to translate it. next
  26/05/2014 23:04:32 | 7455 hit(s)
Chtimili's leaving / His replacement's arrival
Chtimili's leaving / His replacement's arrival
Chtimili will go back where he was born in Belgium, at the Elevage de Kalyma, and will be replaced by Birchwood Junior VD Zandhoven who will arrive as soon as the Belge road are good enough ! next
  26/05/2014 23:02:31 | 4897 hit(s)
Arrival of a new stallion in spring !!!
Arrival of a new stallion in spring !!!
I finally yield to the temptation of this gorgeous stallion that I was eyeing on for months if not more !
Cranford Chill Out will arrive at home at the latest in spring, in a matter of organisation, I have to wait until we move. next
  26/05/2014 23:01:49 | 4769 hit(s)
Booking for 2014 coverings
Booking for 2014 coverings
You can already book your coverings from Junior and/or Chill for the 2014 coming season.
100€ with a month livery included. next
  26/05/2014 23:00:51 | 2077 hit(s)
Welcome on the website !:
Welcome on the website !:
Here we go, the website in (finally) online !
welcome everybody ! next
  06/11/2012 16:24:50 | 4990 hit(s)